National Trial Law is proud to announce that we have won a multimillion-dollar settlement for a military war veteran who suffered from kidney disease that was misdiagnosed and inadequately treated by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Attorneys Laurie Higginbotham and Steven Haspel secured a record-setting Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) $10,500,000 settlement for veteran Matthew Rossignol, which included lifetime benefits. The amount is the largest FTCA settlement in Missouri history and the 7th largest pre-trial FTCA settlement in American history.

Rossignol is a combat veteran of the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan. He suffered from kidney disease for more than six years while the VA failed to diagnose and treat it correctly. It eventually degraded to total renal failure, which was partially triggered by a three-year Naproxen prescription that he was wrongfully given. Naproxen is known to cause renal failure and kidney damage, so it never should have been prescribed to him in the first place.

Our attorneys were able to obtain the $10,500,000 settlement with an included lifetime annuity for Rossignol. The settlement was reached before a trial became necessary, which saved him from additional stress.

We want to take this time to congratulate Attorneys Higginbotham and Haspel for securing this FTCFA-record-breaking settlement. We also want to salute and thank Mr. Rossignol and all active duty, retired, and reserved military service members across the country.

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