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"We are truly grateful for Jamal and his team"

We are truly grateful for Jamal and his team and the dedication that they all put towards our son’ case. After a long and lengthy process we feel secure in that we will be able to provide everything our son needs and deserves through the trusts that they set up for him. Jamal and his team were always easy to communicate with and we would highly recommend this law firm for any medical malpractice case.

      "The entire team was always professional and supportive."

      Chip and his whole team were AMAZING!!! Chip was always there to answer questions, calm me down and let me know everything was going to be okay! Stephen was the BEST during my deposition. When I had to step out and cry my eyes out, he was nothing but supportive and comforting. The entire team was always professional and supportive. THANK YOU!!!!

      "Instantly put us at ease."

      Laurie and Steven,

      Words cannot fully express the amount of gratitude that we have for the both of you.  When we first began the legal process, we were very apprehensive, as we did not know what to expect.  However, you instantly put us at ease with not only your warm demeanor, but also with your talent and professionalism.  We were truly humbled and unprepared for the magnitude of your expertise.  The ability to immediately analyze and interpret complex medical terminology during the trial process simply blew us away.  The military medical “world” can be daunting and complicated, but you tackled it like seasoned pros.  We truly appreciate your extreme dedication and commitment to our case.  And not only are you both masters of your craft, but your also both great people.  The two of you will hold places in our hearts forever.

      With deepest gratitude,

      Sharon & Micah
      "Very impressed"

      I am very impressed with Michelle Cheng’s professionalism and knowledge and I highly recommend her. She always responded quickly and kept me informed at all times. She communicated in a clear and concise way to help me understand the issues and she thoroughly answered all of my questions. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone and to have her represent me in the future.

      "Helped me navigate an extremely complex system"

      Michelle stepped in and helped me navigate an extremely complex system with the utmost empathy when I was feeling really low. I’m so grateful to her and her help. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

      "Thank you!"

      Laurie, I cannot express my gratitude enough for what you did for me. You have made such an impact on my life and helped shape my future. Thank you for securing some peace of mind. Most importantly, thank you for understanding me, my heart, and my hope for the future. You have a piece of my heart. I will forever remember what you did for me. A most gracious thanks, Taylor Blair.

      "$21 Million Settlement"

      In 2010, my husband Michael, a war-time veteran, suffered a severe brain stem stroke leaving him completely paralyzed and mute. While having to wade through paperwork and obstacles of the VA medical system, I found myself overwhelmed and reached out to Jamal Alsaffar seeking help in getting my husband the care he was entitled to and deserved. Jamal along with his associate Tom Jacob came to our aid like the cavalry. After carefully reviewing Michael’s medical records, Jamal and Tom along with their legal team and medical experts discovered that his stroke was preventable had his doctors given him proper care. Throughout the lengthy legal process, Jamal and Tom were always just a call away. Always available and ready to answer any questions or concerns no matter how small. It is because of their experience, dedication, and knowledge that we were able to win the lawsuit brought against the VA on Michael’s behalf. Even after the court process had concluded, Jamal and Tom facilitated the establishment of trusts to assure Michael has the best care available to him for the rest of his life. I will never be able to express my gratitude for everything that Jamal, Tom, and the rest of the team have done for us as a family. I believe it is because of their try heartfelt compassion and concern combined with their extensive knowledge of the legal system that we are able to now focus on what is important—spending time together as a family.

      "Lawyer’s Lawyer"

      If you need HELP, look no further. This is the right place. I didn’t realize the importance of hiring the right lawyers representing you will make a dramatic impact on the outcome of a lawsuit. Tom Jacob is a highly intelligent and persistent lawyer. He executes cleanly with confidence and will fight for your case. I got to work with Tom and Jamal when our parents got into a tragic vehicle accident in Texas. The first law firm I contacted referred the case to Tom’s law firm saying they are one of the best in Texas helping shattered families like ours get their life back. Throughout the daunting four years of the lawsuit, Tom and his team never failed to show the highest level of professionalism towards our family. They are a renowned group of professionals not only in the field of law, but they are highly experienced with helping helpless families as they know exactly what you are going through. Their team made sure the lawsuit was being taken care of so that we could just focus on my Dad’s recovery. We most certainly never would have made it this far without them and would have never gotten the settlement we deserve if it wasn’t for Tom and Jamal carrying us through the whole process. And for that we want to sincerely thank Tom, Jamal, and their team for getting our life back.

      "Five stars"

      Tom has been great to work with. He was quick to respond to any questions that I had, was always thorough when explaining things and has helped me every step of the way with my case. I would highly recommend Tom Jacob and his Law Group. Thank you!

      "The outcome was far better than I anticipated"

      I was in an accident and, knowing Michelle Cheng personally, I knew she was the person I wanted to hire. I asked a friend in the business (but in a different city) about her, and the entirety of his advice was, “shut up and listen to Michelle.”  Which, in retrospect, turned out to be a fantastic strategy.

      In real life, Michelle is an incredibly kind and thoughtful person.  As a lawyer, I gave her the nickname #BeastMode because of her tenacity. She stayed on top of the case, sending me regular updates.  Frankly, I wish I could’ve eavesdropped on some of her conversations to hear how she did what she did.

      I can’t (can’t or won’t?) get into specifics, but the outcome was far better than I anticipated.  She knows how to do her job, and she’s going to do her darnedest to protect your best interests.

      "You couldn’t ask for more genuine counsel."

      The quality of this firm is completely matched by the quality of the people working there.  Sincere, dedicated, hard-working individuals with some of the best legal minds around.  You couldn’t ask for more genuine counsel.

      "Five stars!"

      Michelle Cheng is one of the most honest, competent attorneys I’ve met. She went out of her way to help my mother during a rough time. I really appreciate Michelle and this firm and wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone who needs counsel.

      "It was done in a timely manner meeting my time restrictions."

      Whitehurst et al provided an exceptional service demonstrating full dedication to cover all options in my case. It was done in a timely manner meeting my time restrictions.

      "Very competent. Very calming. Very prepared."

      I am a lawyer. We make the worst clients. We are demanding. We think we know best. We try to direct the show. With all that, Michelle Cheng kept me on as her client. Of course, it helped that we had been friends for many years when I needed the services of a med-mal attorney. I would not have considered turning to any other law firm. Very competent. Very calming. Very prepared. Always looking out for my best interests. Practical. Results oriented. Successful in delivering the result I wanted. I highly recommend Michelle Cheng and her entire firm.

      "He helped us during a stressful time"

      We had no idea what to do when we found out we needed to file a tort claim and started looking for a lawyer. It turned out there weren’t a lot of attorneys who handled these types of cases so we were very lucky to have found Tom and his firm. We were already under a lot of stress dealing with the unexpected and unnecessary death of a family member and it was nice to be able to have someone handling the legal issues for us.

      "She was warm and professional"

      Michelle counseled me several years ago after an accident. She was warm and professional. I recommend her and the firm without reservation.