Texas Mock Trial (TMT) of the University of Texas is considered one of the nation’s most competitive and successful mock trial programs. It gives on-the-rise legal scholars a unique opportunity to learn and hone their litigation skills before they even finish their Juris Doctorates. Our team from National Trial Law is proud to be an integral part of the Texas Mock Trial Team’s many successes because several of our attorneys have acted as head coaches throughout the years.

Currently, Attorney Steven Haspel is the head coach for the University of Texas Mock Trial Team. About five years ago, he succeeded Attorney Tom Jacob. Incredibly, he succeeded Attorney Jamal Alsaffar, which means that the last three head coaches were all esteemed trial lawyers from National Trial Law. It is also interesting to note that Attorney Haspel was on the Texas Mock Trial Team when Attorney Jacob was the coach. Who knew then that 10 years later, they would be working at National Trial Law, one of the country’s top litigation law firms?

Under the coaching of Attorney Haspel, the University of Texas Mock Trial Team recently advanced through the 2023 American Mock Trial Association tournament. This tournament is often called the “NCAA” of the legal and mock trial worlds. Everyone at National Trial Law is excited to see how far the Mock Trial Team will go this year. We’re expecting to see an impressive victory at the National Championship in Memphis, Tennessee, in April!

If you want to know more about the University of Texas Mock Trial Team, its accomplishments, and how it helps empower the newest generations of legal professionals, please visit https://texasmocktrial.com/. If you would like to know more about the American Mock Trial Association or follow the tournament as it progresses, please visit https://www.collegemocktrial.org/.