National Trial Law Secures $2.7M for Army Vet in Amputation Malpractice Case

National Trial Law is proud to have recently achieved a major case result for an Army veteran in the case of Pfanner v. USA. Attorney-Partner Jamal Alsaffar and Attorney-Partner Tom Jacob secured a $2.7 million settlement for a veteran who lost his leg to medical malpractice at a Texas VA hospital. The client was scheduled for routine knee surgery in 2017 but mistakes of the medical team ultimately caused him to lose his leg.

Throughout the case, the VA did not admit to any wrongdoing. It argued that the loss of a leg was unrelated to the knee replacement surgery, so its doctors could not be held liable for the Army veteran’s amputation.

Unconvinced by the VA’s explanations, Partners Alsaffar and Jacob dug into the details of the medical procedure and the case. They uncovered that the VA doctors negligently implanted the wrong surgical parts and improperly aligned the veteran’s knee joint during surgery. The avoidable mistakes caused serious complications and infections that required multiple revision surgeries that were unsuccessful. After many painful procedures, the only option left was amputation.

Pressured by our legal team to do the right thing and not drag the case into prolonged litigation, the Government eventually agreed to a $2.7 million settlement. The compensation cannot undo the egregious, life-changing mistakes of the VA, but it will provide lifetime benefits for our client and we are hopeful that it will help our client find a sense of justice and closure.

About National Trial Law

National Trial Law is a nationally recognized team of attorneys who stand up for the wrongfully injured in a variety of claims and lawsuits. Much of our work is focused on military medical malpractice and VA malpractice cases, such as the amputation malpractice claim recently won by Partners Alsaffar and Jacob. If you served in the United States Armed Forces, we thank you for your bravery. If you were injured by the negligence of a military medical clinic or VA hospital, we ask you to let us know what happened as soon as possible, so we can see what can be done to secure justice and compensation for you.

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